"Inuit soul music"

"Tribal Funk"

PAMYUA brings Inuit music to the world

Pamyua showcases Inuit culture though music and dance performance. The show is a platform to share indigenous knowledge and history. Their style derives from traditional melodies reinterpreted with contemporary vocalization and instrumentation.  Often described as “Inuit Soul Music,” Pamyua has discovered their own genre.  

The members are proud to represent Indigenous culture.  The group believes unity is possible though music and dance and the members interpret Inuit traditions masterfully with joy and sincerity. The response to this message is tremendous as the group is a symbol of pride for Alaska’s indigenous people and to all who see them perform.

The most famous Inuit band in the world.” ROLLING STONE MAGAZINE [Italy]

“One of the 10 greatest Alaska artists of the millennium.” ALASKA MAGAZINE

“A Blizzard of interlocking harmonies.” NATIVE PEOPLE MAGAZINE

Pamyua formed April 1995 by brothers Phillip and Stephen Blanchett. The brothers stumbled upon a musical concept to blend Inuit drumdance melodies with R&B vocal styling and arrangements. The duo immediately began sharing their performance around Alaska and collaborating with like-minded artists. Later that year Ossie Kairaiuak permanently joined the group. Spring of 1996 Karina Moeller permanently joined. Today the quartet works with world-class musicians from Alaska and Denmark and travels the world sharing their blend of cultural harmony.

Ossie - aka, Aassanaaq - is a hilarious Yup'ik dancer and prolific composer of Pamyua's most popular songs.  The fun-loving Bubble Gum music video is his latest hit. Ossie was raised in Chefornak (pop. 418) and now lives in Anchorage. He is a master Yup'ik drum maker and illustrator.

Karina Moeller is a passionate powerhouse vocalist. She loves to share music that represents her Inuit heritage. She was born and raised in Greenland and now lives in Copenhagen, Denmark. Karina composes and arranges music for Pamyua and performs together with the group for special occasions.

PAMYUA (pronounced bum-yo-ah) is a Yup'ik Inuit word meaning ENCORE or DO IT AGAIN